• 3,429 nm

  • 528 ktas

  • 12 people

  • 14,436 lb

  • 5,250 ft

Timing is everything — get there first

The fastest civil airplane in the world is going to get you where you’re going before anyone else. The Citation X+ will climb to 51,000 feet and cruise at incredible speeds of up to Mach 0.935. The fact that it gets you back on the ground sooner may be bittersweet, however, because this jet comes with a reimagined, smart plane interior you may never want to leave.


The most aerodynamically advanced design ever…

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The Citation X+ cabin has broken the category boundary…

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Never before has piloting a jet been so exciting…

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Introducing a new performance paradigm…

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Team X

Citation Service employs the best jet service engineers in the industry and groups them into model-specific teams who are committed to owners any time of day, any day of the year. Team X is dedicated exclusively to answering questions for the Citation X, both current and legacy. Our service engineers are expertly trained with up-to-the-minute intelligence on each jet.

Model-specific teams are just one part of our robust owner services. Learn more about Citation Service

X+ Documentation

X+ Electronic Brochure

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Citation X spec & description electronic brochure

Specification and Description Electronic Brochure

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Good things come to those who can’t wait


A new standard for first-class luxury

The Citation X+ has once again broken the category boundary adding 15 inches of additional luxurious cabin space to one of the widest, most spacious interiors ever crafted for a Citation.

Select Your Personal Touches

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Black Edition Interior Collection

A bold distinction of the Black Edition Interior commands attention with a strong, confident flow with handsome espresso toned veneers and luxurious satin black leather.

  • Mirror
  • AFT Window Reveal
    & Sidewall Insert
  • Seats &
    Table Tops
  • Seat
  • Vanity Backsplash
  • Headliner/PSU
    Main Cabin/RH AFT Window Reveal
  • Carpet
  • Mirror
  • AFT Window
  • Window
  • Sidewall Insert
    & Table Tops
  • Seats
  • Headliner/
  • Carpet
  • Mirror
  • Sidewall
  • Headliner/
  • Window
  • AFT
    Window Reveal
  • Seats &
    Table Tops
  • Carpet
  • Mirror
  • Window
  • AFT Window
  • Sidewall Insert &
    Table Tops
  • Seats
  • Headliner/
  • Carpet
  • Mirror
  • Window
  • AFT
  • Seats
  • Sidewall
  • Table
  • Headliner/
  • Carpet
  • Mirror
  • Window
  • Sidewall
  • Headliner/
  • Main Cabin
    Window Reveal
  • Seats &
    Table Top
  • Carpet
  • Black
  • Carnegie
  • Coco
  • Hawthorne
  • Hyde Park
  • Silver
  • Black Edition Interior Collection

    A bold distinction of the Black Edition Interior commands attention with a strong, confident flow with handsome espresso toned veneers and luxurious satin black leather.

  • Carnegie Interior Collection

    Inspired by the storied history of the legendary theatre, the Carnegie Interior Collection marries rich chenilles, finely woven piques and a trio of smooth leathers, ensuring timeless tailoring and supreme comfort.

  • Coco Interior Collection

    A modern take on traditional couture, the Coco Interior Collection gives a nod to the extraordinary warmth and luxury of a by-gone fashion era.

  • Hawthorne Interior Collection

    Inspired by the meticulously crafted, hand-bound volumes of ninetheenth century literature, smooth ivory leather mingles with finely woven damasks and high polished Honduran mahogany to creat an updated air of old-world tailoring.

  • Hyde Park Interior Collection

    Sleek sophisticated lines are inspired by deep blue silhouettes emerging from nature's spectrum of silver mist.

  • Silver Edition Interior Collection

    A neutral palette of platinum blonde silks, luxury leathers, and plush textures.

The future of your business flies here

Tailored to your specifications, the X+ interior is your sanctuary.

Custom interiors

No two X+ interiors will be the same. Your jet will feature customized interior finishes to fit your specific requirements. Select the leathers, fabrics, and hand-finished hardwoods. Select configuration options and details as well.

Options include multiple cabin compartments, additional storage space, communication centers, cabin attendant provisions, intercontinental galleys, electronic lumbar and footrest.

Data and media sharing
Wi-Fi connectivity
Adjustable cabin lighting

Cabin size and amenities

A new, larger cabin interior provides exceptional legroom and optimal comfort with ergonomically designed seats and adjustable ambient lighting.

The hand-crafted intercontinental galley holds catering trays and positions fine china, stemware, and cutlery all within easy reach.

Behind solid sliding doors, a finely appointed private lavatory accommodates a flushing toilet, vanity with hot and cold water, and storage space.

Cabin technology

ClairityTM is an intelligent cabin management and entertainment technology solution integrated with the aircraft's avionics and electrical systems. ClairityTM provides passengers cabin controls, data and media sharing and connectivity to other passengers. Through the ClairityTM, touch screen system control of cabin lighting, window shades, temperature control, audio (digital media, MP3/iPhone) & video (digital media, Blu-Ray) entertainment with an individual interactive moving map is at your finger tips. WiFi connectivity to a personal electronic device for your entertainment needs is also available.

Deluxe private lavatory
Deluxe galley
Hand-finished details


Out of a moment of inspiration and vision

A whole world of breakthrough engineering

The Citation X+’s advanced flight deck is powered by the Garmin G5000 avionics suite. Never before has jet piloting been so exciting. With smartphone-like touch-screen controllers, the flight department can customize how data is presented, see dimensional renderings of terrain, know precise weather patterns, and see traffic coming from literally miles away. Three multipane, widescreen displays enhanced with Garmin’s Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™) make up the primary and multifunction flight displays.

Intuitive control

Four intuitive, full-color, touch-screen LCD control panels serve as the crew’s primary user interface, replacing old-fashioned knobs, buttons, and switches. Pilots are presented with triple 14-inch landscape WXGA high-resolution displays. Each all-purpose display can function independently as a primary flight display (PFD) or multifunction display (MFD). These displays can also function in multipane mode, showing both PFD and MFD side by side on the same screen.

Two of the four control panels are installed on the center pedestal for MFD control, and two additional panels control each PFD. Pilots can customize displays via the touch-screen control panels, organizing and prioritizing data as preferred.

True-to-life visualization

Garmin’s Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™) offers a virtual reality view of terrain such as water and land surfaces, obstacles, traffic, and runways.

Using the system’s terrain-alerting database, SVT enhances pilots’ situational awareness by creating a dimensional rendering of terrain features, obstacles, and traffic in proximity to the aircraft. Pilots get a realistic picture of everything beyond the windscreen, even in solid IFR or nighttime VFR conditions. On the secondary display, MFD capabilities can be divided into two vertical pages. This allows logical pairing of whatever information is needed during any particular point in the flight sequence. Examples of this include displaying airway charts and approach plates or satellite weather and flight planning simultaneously. At the touch of the glass, pilots can instantly access traffic data, radar, alerts, and more.

    Standard Features
  • Flight Displays
  • Synthetic Vision Technology
  • Touch-screen Control Panels
  • Automatic Flight Control System
  • Attitude Heading Reference Systems (AHRS)
  • Integrated Avionics Units
  • Distance Measuring Equipment
  • Flight Management Systems
  • Weather Radar
  • Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS II)
  • Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS)
  • Transponders with ADS-B Out Capability
  • Standby Instrumentation
  • Radio Altimeter
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder
  • Emergency Locator Transmitter
  • Maintenance Diagnostics
    Installed on Left-Hand Panel (pilot):
  • Touch-screen LCD Control Panel
  • Primary Flight Display (PFD)
  • Secondary PFD Controller
    Installed on Right-Hand Panel (copilot):
  • Touch-screen LCD Control Panel
  • Primary Flight Display (PFD)
  • Secondary PFD Controller
    Installed on Center Panel:
  • Multifunction Display (MFD)
  • Dual Touchscreen LCD Control Panels
  • Electronic Standby Flight Display (ESFD)
    Installed Beneath Glareshield:
  • Flight Guidance Panel (FGP)
    Installed on Left-Hand Tilt Panel:
  • Electrical Power Panel
    Installed on Right-Hand Tilt Panel:
  • Anti-Ice/De-Ice Panel
  • Landing Gear Control Panel
    Installed on Pedestal:
  • Engine Power Levers
  • Flaps Control
  • Pressurization Panel
  • Engine Control/Start Panel
  • Cockpit/Cabin Temperature Panel
  • Fuel, APU, and Hydraulics


When was the last time you hit 51,000 feet?

Detailed Specifications

Performance data is based on the standard X configuration, operating in International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) conditions with zero wind. Takeoff and landing field lengths are based on a level, hard surface and dry runway. 

Actual performance will vary with factors such as environmental conditions, aircraft configuration and operational/ATC procedures.

Preliminary data, subject to change.


  • Length
  • 73 ft 7 in (22.43 m)
  • Height
  • 19 ft 3 in (5.86 m)
  • Wingspan
  • 69 ft 2 in (21.09 m)
  • Wing Area
  • Wing Sweep

  • 527 sq ft (49 sq m)
  • 37.0 degrees
  • 29 ft 11 in (9.11 m)
  • 10 ft 7 in (3.23 m)
    Cabin Interior
  • Height
  • Width
  • Length

  • 68 in (1.73 m)
  • 66 in (1.68 m)
  • 25 ft 2 in (7.67 m)
  • Maximum Passengers
  • 12
    Baggage Capacity
  • Weight
  • Volume

  • 1,095 lb (497 kg)
  • 104 cu ft (2.93 cu m)
  • Single Pilot Certified
  • No

Wingspan – 69 ft 2 in (21.09 m)

19 ft 3 in (5.86 m)

Length – 73 ft 7 in (22.43 m)


  • Maximum Ramp Weight
  • 36,900 lb (16,738 kg)
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight
  • 36,600 lb (16,601 kg)
  • Maximum Landing Weight
  • 32,000 lb (14,515 kg)
  • Maximum Zero Fuel Weight
  • 24,978 lb (11,330 kg)
    Usable Fuel Capacity
  • Weight
  • Volume

  • 12,931 lb (5,865 kg)
  • 1,930 gal (7,306 l)
  • Basic Operating Weight
  • 22,464 lb (10,189 kg)
  • Useful Load
  • 14,436 lb (6,548 kg)
  • Maximum Payload
  • 2,514 lb (1,140 kg)
  • Full Fuel Payload
  • 1,505 lb (683 kg)


  • Maximum Cruise Speed
  • 528 ktas (978 km/h)
  • Maximum Range
  • 3,429 nm (6,351 km)
  • Takeoff Distance
  • 5,250 ft (1,600 m)
  • Landing Distance
  • 3,330 ft (1,015 m)
  • Maximum Operating Altitude
  • 51,000 ft (15,545 m)
  • Maximum Climb Rate
  • 4,117 fpm (1,255 mpm)
  • Maximum Limit Speed
  • 0.935 Mach


Two dual-channel FADEC-controlled Rolls-Royce AE3007C2 turbo fan engines power the Citation X+. The AE3007C2 features two spools with a 14-stage axial flow compressor, a two-stage high-pressure turbine, and a three-stage low-pressure turbine. The engine has a bypass ratio of 5:1 and a static takeoff thrust at sea level of 7,034 pounds (31.29 kN) flat rated up to 86°F (30°C). Hydraulically actuated, target-type thrust reversers are attached to each engine. An APU is incorporated for engine start and other benefits.

  • Manufacturer: Rolls-Royce
  • Model: (2) AE3007C2